“Le son continu” french festival dedicated to Traditional folk music

“Le son continu”, french festival in Château D’Ars from 07/11 to 07/14

“Le son festival” is a french festival offering not only traditional folk music from Europe but also entertainment and information about traditional folk music culture. Also, many instrument makers are going to show their best instruments. This is clearly a big event for musicians, dancer or simply traditional music lovers.

Line up:

Saturday the 11th of July

Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson Band


Bagad de Lorient

France (Bretagne)

Sunday the 12th of July



Cie Guillaume Lopez


Monday the 13th of July

La Bergère

France – Traditional singing

Valentin Clastrier


Thuesday the 14th of July (National day)

Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien

France – Baroque Music

Grand Bal de clôture

A final dancing with the band: Ensemble de Musiques Traditionnelles du Berry” directed by Cyril Berthet will take place.

More Information on “le son continu” festival: official website

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